Vianne is a· Carey Mulligan type character , around 29 years old, strong and determined yet can also be gentle and vulnerable.
Vianne daughter of eminent archaeologist Sir Roger Lambert and Sophia Lambert was brought up in Oxford then later educated at the Sorbonne in Paris where she studied French and Archaeology.
Vianne has a close affinity with her father whom she has worshipped from childhood, following in his footsteps of his profession which often left her mother feeling left out and redundant, unable as she was to join in their excited banter and affinity for their subject.

This meant their mother daughter relationship was often prickly and unrewarding as they lacked the matriarchal ties that normally bind mother and daughter.
Vianne like her father had a passion for the subject and having spent much of her time travelling through the middle East feels far more comfortable there than she ever does at home in Oxfordshire.
Unbeknown, Vianne is the key to an ancient mystery, which is about to unfold.· She is taken through a voyage of discovery and becomes the target of a secret Brotherhood who have sworn to take their revenge and retrieve that which they believe is their birth right.
The story unfolds as Vianne travels from England over to Yemen where she meets the Guardians who fight to protect her. © 2012 The Guardians Are Coming