Dawn of the Lost Senses


By Gillian Larner and Peter Aengenheister



At least three of the world’s strongest religions are based on the ‘Word of God’, but what if it was discovered that all this faith was actually based on the words of a man. More, that the land destined for the “chosen” people has been hidden in vision for centuries only now to revealed?

The Guardians are here to protect the original and true Soul’s Seven Senses, but they are here also to oversee a dramatic change – one that scholars will tell you was foretold in ancient texts in the form of signs and ciphers. The task ahead is daunting and there are many who covet the Soul’s Seven Senses.  Reunification of the Soul’s Seven Senses reveals a treasure beyond gold and diamonds or even oil.

Rooted deep in the past, this contemporary story hinges on the Queen of Sheba archaeological dig in the sands of Yemen.  It leads to a date with destiny and explains why the current path of man must, at all costs, be halted. Here the past touches the present and resonates significantly with the future.

Using historical texts, the story centres around the “first message” etched on lapis lazuli tablets and given to Moses, and later contained in the Ark of the Senses.

These were the first and original version of the stone tablets.  In ‘Dawn of the Lost Senses’ we contend that these were the true “Word of God”.  Though doubted by Moses, in anger and frustration they were dashed to the ground and broken.  Moses believed he needed more control and what better way to gain this than the authority given by God.  It is believed Moses produced the Ten Commandments which along with the Law were placed in the Ark of the Covenant.  Can it be true that the word of God was changed by the prophet, to better control his people.... and create the world’s first major religion, the worship of YAHWEH, the basis of Judaism but also the foundation of Christianity and the essence of Islam.

‘Dawn of the Lost Senses’ has pieced together what may have happened after Moses threw the first tablets to the ground smashing them. They were thought to be ‘lost’…but even should you want to, you cannot destroy, diminish or discard the truth ….…

This story resurrects ancient truths and spiritual wisdom contained in the Seven Senses, acknowledged by a few, but forgotten by most.

Using Biblical stories and ancient texts, this histo-fiction follows the awakening of archaeologist Vianne Lambert to her destiny.   Along with her seven Guardians, descendants of the ancients they are here to help and inspire her. Recalled by prophesy, they travel to Yemen to attend the final ceremony of unification.  These incredible men chosen because of the purity of their hearts and bestowed with mystical powers, journey across cultures and continents to follow  their own path to self-discovery, from the material world of the five senses, to the spiritual world of The Seven.

The path to enlightenment proves treacherous....For secrets of history never lie dormant for too long and the legacy of Moses’s actions rise again to seek what is perceived as true justice and retribution.

In the time of Moses, those who lost faith in the God of Israel, who doubted the return of the prophet, the punishment was horrific. Many tribal leaders were killed when forced to eat the ground up gold from the false Calf idol, mixed with water. Many others were put to the sword.

Among them, and, of the Tribe of Dan the judges of Judah, were the Hushimites.

Hushim himself was slain by Moses, only to be brought back to life by the miraculous powers of the Senses.  Born of the Hushimites, is the Brotherhood of Bilhah, named after Hushim’s grandmother and mother of Dan.  They were sworn to retribution. The Brotherhood will come to seek revenge, recompense and possession of the Senses.

The story, which transcends current beliefs leads the reader through scenes that culminate in a cataclysmic event which heralds the dawn of a new era of enlightenment. Now it is time for the final ceremony to take place and the splintered Senses to re-unite once more. This event leads to an incredible discovery in a part of the desert known as the “empty quarter”.  To this day, a part of the world over-looked, yet sitting there with the greatest riches of all! Could this have been the true “Promised Land”?


…And then there is Book Two – The Prequel


Set against the back drop of the Cambyses’ invasion of Egypt, and the journey into the desert where he sent 10,000 of his best warriors to their deaths, we see a country in turmoil and beset by power struggles and the strife this causes.  The void that is created as Cambysees returns home to deal with the usurper of the Persian crown, ultimately sees Darius’s ascension to the throne.  But being the king of the mightiest power on earth was not quite enough for Darius the Great. Darius, also leader of the Hushmite Brotherhood, would aspire to become a God. Moses might have had the ear of Yahweh, but Darius sought to converse with him as an equal!

The greater his ambition, the less his grip he has on humanity ... and his mind.  His growing megalomania sees him turn from being a mighty general with a sense of compassion... to the epitome of corruption and evil. The Guardians and the Senses are the focus of his madness

The Guardians, with their newly adopted responsibilities are each struggling in their own way to carry the burden and to develop their abilities to cope with the desperate position they find themselves in ... of being hunted down ..... tortured ....... and those around them also, victims of the growing violence that corruption brings.

The Senses are the antidote to this madness and the Guardians will protect them with their lives... for the sake of future generations of Mankind and eventually to the prophesied era of enlightenment.

Who are the Guardians and what is it that they are protecting so vehemently.  In a world where intrigue is rife and retribution is swift.  What difference can they hope to achieve?




Picking up from the Final Ceremony in Book Two (The middle book – chronologically) The Senses reunited and the Arks in union – Experiencing the blue void, the eternal abyss and the new dawn.

The world is undergoing change and the Middle East is the starting point of a remarkable metamorphosis in the make-up of Man. But first there is power struggle over who will take possession and control of the vast oceans. Are the Senses safe? Or is there a bid to track down and destroy them.

The ‘Brotherhood’ swear that if they can’t have them they won’t let them fall into the hands of those who would seek power through the world’s largest most powerful religions.


An additional product.... 


An accompanying book,  a different new dimension exploring the thinking behind the Soul’s Seven Senses

The souls seven senses is a coffee table book, bringing spirituality out from the middle aged, middle classes to a younger more vibrant marketplace.  Beautifully illustrated with funky up beat  imagery using the art form of Graffiti,  this colourful practical book will remind us how we can introduce , use and benefit from a more spiritual way of being in the world.



Genre: Histo-fiction (as is factually possible), adventure, spiritual.

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