A Ben Kingsley type actor ….. sophisticated , articulate, rather pedant in character.
Sahaj’s main sense is that of Communication and languages

Works out of his oak panelled office in Freidrichstrasse in the Altona , the old town in Berlin.· He has made his wealth by strategically orchestrating the money markets and currencies……. He also has passion for antiquarian artefacts ….and likes to express his passion by searching the back streets of all the cities he travels to and he loves travelling, in fact these are his two main passions …. This and his great love of women.
Sahaj was brought up close to the Kokcha River, near Sar-e-sang, Afghanistan,· during British occupation.· His skills soon became apparent as he earned pennies operating as a runner, carrying messages and trading goods.· He· learnt quickly how· to manipulate currencies and take advantage of exchange rates as he benefitted from· merchants as they passed through and very quickly Sahaj built up a thriving business between all nationalities passing through the region.
His guardianship was handed to Sahaj by a recluse in sacred hill caves above the Ashram· where Sahaj was sent by his parents every summer .· On meeting Sahaj , the recluse had been immediately taken by Sahaj’s innate spirituality, and his ability to communicate without in silence without one word spoken. © 2012 The Guardians Are Coming