Max is seen as a “serious” Dwaine Johnson type character

Elegant, sophisticated·and charming and very self assured. He is a highly successful international investor and asset stripper …….
He believes charity begins at home and everyone has choices … if you make the wrong choice then this is your problem hence he shows no mercy when it comes to asset stripping.
He negotiates at the highest levels…and has considerable influence·and connections at the Istituto per le Opere di Religione - the Vatican Bank. His gift is the sense of sight and as such the Guardians of the Sense of Sight are always known as the Bearers of Shame.
Max is arrogant, egotistical and the most ruthless of the Guardians.
He becomes one of Vianne's·lovers when he uses her to get closer to her father.
He takes on his guardianship from Qasim Shahim in a place called El Jem in North Africa near a market place in the shade of the old Roman arena where the local men there bet on the outcome of a camel race.
His guardianship comes to him almost accidentally……. After the old guardian deliberately steps in front of a knife thrown at Max during a flight .. As the old Guardian dies in Max’s arms …. The Guardianship is passed on.
Max is our only “accidental” guardian. © 2012 The Guardians Are Coming