Leuca’s sense is that of equilibrium
He is Leuca Rodrigo and was born in Potenza in Italy in the winter of 1966 , his father a corrupt Notary with Mafia connections…….. Leuca despised his father and the way his father treated his mother often beating her senseless after bouts of heavy drinking…… this said Leuca always benefitted from his status in the community of Notary’s son and no one could touch him despite his often unruly behaviour.
Constantly in trouble he learns to fight young on the streets.· Always looking for excitement to stem the boredom of the parochial mentality of his contemporaries.
This all comes to a head when returning home late one night to find his father beating his mother mercilessly.· He snaps and stoves his fathers head in with a granite pestle throwing in down two flights of stairs and breaking his neck.
He escapes to the mountains in the north where he can be anonymous though not for long.· After taking sanctuary in an abandoned monastery he is found by an old hermit living there who befriends him and listens to his story.· The old hermit starts to teach him survival skills and gives him purpose to his life by showing him that equilibrium exists in all living things.· Only when the hermit explains to Leuca that he is dying is Leuca shown the shard of Lapis and told the sacred ancient story and secret of the Guardianship.
He accepts the mantel.

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