Jean Cheval aka·'The Horse' - (Main Sense - Touch). A Chabal(French rugger player type), or Jean Reno (Leon). His parents, French Jews,·fleeing the·invading German army in 1939,·left their family Breton farm and escaped to·Spain.
Though their son was born in 1948 (and with a speech defect), his father died the same year. He was brought up by his mother who returned to France to reclaim the family farm. Hampered by his speech problems, Cheval was rough, wild and a drinker, which got hi into trouble in the local community.
He looked after the farm but was a complete loner. His mother died when he was 18. Nothing much happens in Chevals life until one day when he is working in his fields, which are over-shadowerd by the motorway.
A school bus careers to a halt after a collision and is close to toppling off the road completely. Cheval appears from nowhere and bears the weight of the bus on his back as the children escape. Having saved the children he becomes a bit of a local hero and despite his strange behaviour, he becomes totally accepted.
Horse then receives his Sense from a mysterious Parisian visitor who heard how he saved the lives of the school children. The ability to communicate through thought, with his fellow Guardians, is a revelation and a delight to him. © 2012 The Guardians Are Coming