A young Masai, born in East Africa He is a ‘Presley Chweneyagae ‘ type. Esau, born in 1993, he is the youngest·of the Guardians. He·has a unique spiritual connection with nature.
He is able to completely connect with nature around him. He seems able to tune his body into the rhythms of not just animals, but the plants and even the earth around him. Going against the natural tendency of his tribe, while an incredible tracker, he resists· the pressure to kill, Esau, as a boy, saves members of his tribe during a lion attack, when he induces a hypnotic affect on the animals and sends them back to their pride.
But because his family feels shame because he has not elevated himself to the status of warrior, he eventually returns to the tribe one day with the largest lion skin anyone has ever seen. Unbeknown to everyone, the death of that lion was inevitable and therefore becomes a shared, mutually beneficial experience and one of nobility and deep respect.
He is told by an elederly nomad from the Lemba tribe in the south, to travel to the coast. He is draw to do that and as he nears his destination, he is met by Leuca who confers his Guardianship upon him and gives him instruction.·He knows that this mysterious development is his natural destiny. © 2012 The Guardians Are Coming